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Guide to Winter Gardening In Mississauga And Beyond

Within the GTA, there are different zones for hardiness, but there’s one truth that is equal to all the areas: winter gardening isn’t easy! Snow, ice, blowing polar vortex winds… It’s not a recipe for joyful digging in the dirt. As a result, those of you who are passionate about your gardens and landscaping may […]

Top 2 Mississauga Plants That Are Dangerous And More

Some plans can cause real problems to pets and people. We joke about plants like poison ivy and poison oak, but the reality is that a brush with many of these plans can land you in hospital.  Mississauga’s landscape contains many plants —wild and cultivated—that should make all gardeners and landscapers use caution. Most Troublesome […]

Basic Principles Of Landscape Design

Planning a new garden next Spring? Keep these principles of design in mind! When you think about your garden landscape, and changes you want to make, your first priority has to be the purpose. Do you want to grow your own vegetables or are you more focused on creating a zen space for your yoga […]

How Many Tomatoes Does It Take To Can A Jar Of Tomatoes?

No, this is not the start of a good joke! There is nothing like the warm, bursting flavour of a home grown tomato. With the warm weather we’ve had this summer, you might have a bumper crop that even you can’t enjoy before they’re destined to go bad. Your best solution? Canning. Canning may sound […]

The Real Cost Of Using Artificial Turf For Your Lawn

Tempting as low maintenance artificial turf might seem, there are issues to consider beyond aesthetics. A few days ago, a Toronto homeowner received a notice from the City of Toronto to remove the astroturf that she’d had professionally installed in the front, and back, of her home or face a $1400 fine. Operating on a […]

All About Walkways And Paths

Whether at the front or in your backyard, walkways and paths add a lot to your landscape. When you stand on the curb of a typical Mississauga home, the houses with more appeal are always one where a walkway or path leads you to the front door in style. Beauty is only one function of […]

Low Maintenance Ways To Up Your Curb Appeal

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, or want to improve the look of your home for your own satisfaction, there are plenty of easy ways to bump up your curb appeal. First Up: Keep It Simple Creating overly elaborate landscaping to your front garden that will require a team of […]

Is Mississauga Becoming A Wildlife Kingdom?

With critters ranging from racoons and skunks to rabbit, deer, fox and coyote, there’s more wildlife than ever to contend with in your backyard. Remember when the biggest menace going was squirrels digging up spring bulbs? Now there are all manner of wild animals roaming the area and that can spell trouble for you and […]

Growing A Dog Friendly Garden

For those of us who love our four-legged friends, it can be hard to reconcile their rambunctious, digging ways with maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden. But it’s not impossible! At the same time, it’s very important to avoid plants and flowers that can be dangerous, even deadly, to our fur friends. The key to growing […]

March Break In Mississauga

Did you forget to book the kids into camp for March Break? Do you prefer to let them have real time off? Either way, you don’t want them staring at screens for seven days, so we’ve come up with a list of super fun things to do in Mississauga and the surrounding areas during the […]