Backyard Waterfall


Colorfalls is a backyard waterfall product that can transport you to an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. The running water can be both visually therepeutic and soothing to the ears while adding a remarkable backyard centerpiece to your home. Designed to work with most retaining walls to create a beautiful sheer water fall, Colorfalls simply adds elegant beauty to your outdoor space, day and night.

Product Specifications

  • Work with popular retaining walls and paving stones for easy installation with minimal cutting.
  • All plumbing concealed within the dimensions of the basin, eliminating the need to make cuts.
  • Minimal water turbulence, no bubbles, and more light to travel through the falls.
  • Easy access to the internal components, unmatched light output, and the most color choices
  • Join multiple Colorfalls together to form one large, sheer fall.