Fresh Cut Christmas Trees


Fresh cut Christmas Trees species offered are Fraser and Balsam Firs.  These Christmas trees offer the best needle retention, shape and quality. You will be sure to find the perfect shape and size for your home, choose from a variety of heights ranging from 5 to 15 feet (sold by height only). Image Source: Flickr

Product Specifications

  • Fraser Fir – The best quality Christmas tree on the market; with its picturesque shape, tones of blue and green and distinctive scent it is no wonder that it has become our top seller for over 10 years. The Fraser Fir can last up to 7-8 weeks in your home.
  • Balsam Fir – The most common Christmas tree species sold across Ontario due to its quality and fullness. The Balsam Fir offers great shape, good needle retention and robust pine scent. The Balsam Fir can last 6-7 weeks in your home.