Last year, we introduced the Muck Truck to you but with very little fanfare.

This year, we are making more of an effort to let you guys know about this amazing power tool because we have heard from landscaping professionals who have said this tool has really helped them become more efficient in their projects. We believe that this power tool can also help you with your own landscaping projects.

At first look, the MUCK Truck™ is reminiscent of a vintage Tonka toy truck with its metal body, large traction wheels and a massive bed to carry all the dirt you want. The vintage Tonka toy truck is known for its durability and toughness (think about how many times you dropped that truck on the pavement). The Muck Truck has proven to be not only extremely durable and tough, but also for its ability carry and move large loads of dirt or other materials with relative ease.  In fact, it can carry 3x that of a standard wheelbarrow and move loads of up to 1/4 of a ton even in wet and uneven ground. That’s impressive.

Muck Truck Specifications

Here is what you should know about the Muck Truck and why you consider it in your next landscaping project:

  • Carrying capacity  – The Muck MAX Truck™ can carry 365kgs/800lbs/8cu ft which is equivalent to 2.5 wheelbarrow loads
  • Engine – Powered by a reliable Honda GXV Commercial grade 5.5hp engine
  • Drive train – It is a four-wheel drive Tecumseh transmission with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears and a throttle control to precisely control speed. It also can climb a 38º slope fully loaded
  • Wheels -Knotted wheels ensure maximum traction in all types of terrain including loose gravel and even stairs
  • Brakes – Comes with a parking brake that stops the truck dead when the brake is released (in event that the user falls or trips)
  • Easy Access – Measures only 28″ wide for easy access through gates and tight spots.

In addition, the Muck Truck is carefully balanced to allow for easy tipping of the bed to dump materials.  Because you moving fewer loads, you can probably finish your project faster and a little less tired.


The Muck Truck is something you should seriously consider renting or purchasing for your next landscape project.

Muck Truck Demonstration

Check out these videos that we have found that clearly demonstrates the usefulness and flexibility of this power tool.

Muck Truck on Cool Tools with Chris Grundy on DIY Network

Muck Truck in multiple uses
Muck Truck climbing stairs
Muck Truck loaded and climbing a steep hill
Muck Truck vs. Wheelbarrow

If you have any questions about the Muck Truck or want to purchase or rent it, contact us today!

Image Source: Tonka Truck @ Top Tenz