Garden and Retaining Walls


Garden and retaining walls are specifically designed to hold back the constant lateral pressure of soil or unnatural slopes. They are commmonly used when there are two different ground elevations, creating an undesirable slope or where you need to seperate areas of space in a backyard.

Most retaining walls that you see in homes are classified as a gravity walls because they depend on the mass of the wall materals (stone, concrete or any other heavy materials) to resist the pressure from behind and are typically leaning back into the soil to improve the stability. They are also typically motarless which makes this simple for DIY’ers.

Garden walls are similar to retaining walls but are not as tall and are used to create or hold areas of soil for plants and/or trees. Both of these products can be installed by the DIY’er or through the use of contractor.

Drop by Toemar today as we have a wide selection of retaining wall and garden wall products.  We can assist you in your design and help you determine the optimal number of pieces to make your retaining wall or garden wall stand out and stand strong.