Interlocking Pavers


Interlocking pavers are known by many names including patio stones, garden paver, interlocking stone, segmental pavers.  Whatever it is called, these products are incredibly versatile in their use.  From driveways to pathways to pool decks and even parking lots, using this product is both durable and economical when compared to other forms of ground cover.

These products are incredibly popular because the special interlock features allows for the installation without the use of mortar.  This is a perfect product for both the “do-it-yourself” person and the contractor.

All of our interlocking products are either made from cement or concrete and as such, the colors and shapes that are available to you are nearly limitless.  It also offers the possibility to come up with any design that best suits your personality or neighbourhood to give your home that stunning curb appeal.

At Toemar, we take great pride in providing our customers a quality product at a reasonable price.  Our vendors have been carefully selected to ensure that they meet our standards and the demands of the marketplace.  We currently carry over 40 different interlocking products on-site that you can browse, touch, and hold at your convenience.

We created a 3000 square foot outdoor showroom to help you visualize the design possibilities and the “look and feel” of the finished product.  You will also be able to see many of the products that we sell in an “installed format”.  We also carry a number of special order premium interlocking paving stones that you can see.