Sand and Gravel


Sand and gravel (base materials) are critical to having a solid foundation and the durability for any garden landscape project. There is a wide variety to choose from and available by the bag or in bulk. All bulk sand and gravel materials are also available for delivery and/or pick-up. For smaller bulk quantities (by the cubic yard), please check out our fast and efficient Garden Bag by Toemar service with free delivery in Mississauga.

Product Specifications

  • Limestone Screenings: Limestone Screenings is a fine product approximately ¼” in size with the same fines as ¾” Crush Run. It is primarily used as the final grade and goes directly underneath interlocking pavers, patio stones, retaining walls, garden walls and natural stone
  • ¾” Crush Run: ¾” Crush Run contains fines similar to Limestone Screenings and when compacted creates a solid base for most heavy-duty applications such as driveways, patios or walkways. Limestone Screening would be placed directly on top of ¾” Crush Run to create an ideal base for most applications.
  • ¾ Clear Gravel: ¾” Clear Gravel is a washed product containing no dust which allows for no compaction. ¾” Clear Gravel is terrific for drainage around foundations, behind walls, around and under weeping tile, under concrete pads and mixed into cement.
  • Coarse Sand/Concrete Sand: A type of sand that is used for mixing into cement as an ingredient or used for fine grading interlocking pavers or tiles.
  • Brick/Fine Sand:Brick/Fine Sand is used for mixing into cement (masonry applications) or used for filling interlocking paver gaps and spaces. Brick/Fine Sand can also be used for playground applications.
  • HPB (High Performance Base): HPB is a fine limestone product that is ¼” in size. All of the limestone fines are washed out of HPB. This particular product is unique to Limestone Screening and ¾” Crush Run because it can be installed underneath all applications without the need for compaction.