Grass Seed


Using grass seed is the least expensive way to create a new lawn around your home or garden.  Grass seed is planted before or after summer because it would be difficult to keep the new seed moist in the summer unless you are constantly watering.  Planting grass seed in the summer also opens up to the possibility of weed seeds, which germinate or grow better in the heat of the summer season.

It also to important select good quality seed.  You should also consider choosing a mixture of at least 2-3 different turfgrass varieties depending on the sun and shade conditions of the area.  Our sun mix grass seed is great for areas where you have lots of sunshine and/or very little shade.  While our shade mix grass seed is better suited for areas where the area is mainly covered in shade by a tree or structure such as a shed or your home.  Each product has been formulated to optimally grow in these condition.

When applying the grass seed, it is important to use a mechanical spreader to ensure an even disbursement when you travel back and forth across the area and then again at 90 degrees to the first coverage.  In addition, it is also important to keep the seed moist so that it has time to germinate. You can help this process along by using mulch over the grass seed to help retain the moisture in the soil and save water.

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