Topsoil, Manure, Veggie Soil, Overseeding Soil


To create the perfect growing environment for your grass, vegetables and flowers, having the right type of fertilization and soil is important factor. Keeping this thing in mind, we provide quality topsoil, veggie soil and aged cattle manure in Etobicoke, Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, and Toronto. Using the right soil provides the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms necessary for grass, vegetables or flowers to thrive and grow. This is where the roots obtain most of their nutrients. When the soil is mixed with a proper fertilizer, the chances of success for flourishing landscape increases dramatically. Topsoil and Veggie Soil are sold in bulk and available through our Garden Bag service with free delivery and/or pick-up.

Product Specifications

  • Veggie Soil: A clay free mixture containing peat loam, sandy loam, compost and manure. This premium soil blend is native to the Holland Marsh area. Best used for: new or existing flower garden beds, new or existing vegetable garden beds, repairing lawns with grass seed or sod, top dressing existing gardens and mixing into a composter.
  • Overseeding Soil: Composed of organic compost and peat loam, this is a light, clean and weed free soil is a terrific top dresser for existing or new lawns in conjunction with grass seed. Overseeding Soil has a very consistent texture which promotes optimal grass seed growth.
  • Topsoil: Refers to screened local soil, not clay free. Best used for: Grading or filling uneven ground and as a terrific base for sod.